Automatic confirmation of PDFCreator Server printer driver installation on clients

If the client connects to a shared printer on a PDFCreator Server, you will be asked to trust this printer the first time.

In order for the printer to be installed automatically, the pdfforge certificate must first be imported. The certificate was installed on the server when the PDFCreator Server was installed and must first be exported there.

There are different possibilities for this.

  1. With a Powershell command (in one line):Export-Certificate -Cert (Get-ChildItem -Path Cert: \ LocalMachine \ TrustedPublisher \ 16CAA1EB5A3F6ADD8FABC87B8194F2BD8F0D96F7) -FilePath (Join-Path -Path ([Environment] :: GetFolderPath ("MycerDocuments").for)) -ChildPath ("MycerDocuments")) You can then find the certificate in the documents folder
  2. Via the certificate manager, Start the certificate manager with certmgr.exe under Run

Then start the certificate manager with the Manage user certificates command, then open Certificates under Trusted Publisher, click on the pdfforge certificate and then select Export under All Tasks.

After confirming the welcome dialog, select the DER coded binary X.509 (.CER) certificate, define a file name in the next dialog and save it.

There are various options for importing the certificate on the client computer.

  1. With the help of a group policy. The description of how to proceed is described by Microsoft.
  2. With a Powershell command (in one line):Import-Certificate -Filepath. \ Pdfforge_certificate.cer -CertStoreLocation Cert: \ LocalMachine \ TrustedPublisher
  3. Via the command line:certutil.exe -addstore TrustedPublisher pdfforge_certificate.cer
  4. Via the certificate manager: The import is started by double-clicking on the certificate. The certificate can be checked again in this view. Then click on Install certificate, select Local Machine, then under Place all certificates in the following store -> select Trusted Publishers, then click on Finish confirm the import process.  

Note: If the pdfforge certificate is installed on the server beforehand, a confirmation of the installation of the printer driver is no longer necessary and the installation can take place completely in the background.

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