PDFCreator licensing

PDFCreator can be used for free by individuals and companies. In some cases, you may be in the need of a professional solution though. For businesses, we offer various PDFCreator editions that you can acquire a license for. A license enables you to use the software; but it also includes the latest updates and priority support. 

The licensing of PDFCreator Professional is based on a yearly license fee per workstation. 

The licensing of PDFCreator Terminal Server and PDFCreator Server is based on a yearly license fee per server. For each server, you only need one license which is valid for an unlimited number of users.

PDFCreator needs to be licensed on each machine, this includes productive and testing/evaluation environments as well as physical and virtual servers. This also applies to virtual servers such as subsequent XenApp-servers. In case you are using a master-image, please note that you also need a license for the master-image in addition to the cloned copies. This is necessary because technically it's not possible to detect if a machine is used for production or not. 

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