How to create a HotFolder log?

In case you face any troubles printing files with PDFCreator's HotFolder, you might want to analyze the PDFCreator log and the HotFolder Log. 

Logging Levels

Logging level
Trace Log everything HotFolder does. Very helpful if you face issues you cannot explain. The PDFCreator Support really loves trace logs!
Debug The logging level for debugging, less cluttered than a trace log. If you're going to contact the PDFCreator Support via E-Mail, just use a trace log.
Info Monitors program start-up and some other information. Not very useful for troubleshooting, use Debug/Trace if you need to troubleshoot an error or Warn/Error on a daily basis.
Warn Logs warnings that might indicate issues. Useful for daily logging.
Error The default logging level. It will only log errors. The error log is very helpful to get an idea about the error's origin.
Fatal Logs only fatal errors. Use Error instead.
Off Disable logging. Not recommended.

How to change the logging level

If you wish to adjust the logging level, start the HotFolder UI, stop HotFolder and click on the settings button. 

In the HotFolder Settings Dialog, use the drop-down menu below Logging to adjust the logging level. Use the Show Log File Button to open the log file. 

You can find the log file in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\HotFolder

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