Administrators can't modify shared settings

In PDFCreator 3.4.1, administrators are not able to easily modify shared settings in the PDFCreator UI.
While our developers work on a more convenient option to configure shared settings, we prepared a workaround:
  1. Copy the .ini file from %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator to a safe place (your desktop or documents folder, for example)
  2. Delete the .ini file from %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator
  3. Import the .ini file (in PDFCreator -> Debug)
  4.  Apply the needed changes to the profiles
  5. Export your settings (in PDFCreator -> Debug)
  6. Keep a backup of the exported settings and copy the .ini file into the %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator folder to share them

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